Two posts in a day? Haa, no problem. This is a happy, but tired, but happy situation right now (and you can tell it from my face haha), but I just wanted to let you know that I left Tallinn yesterday, I am now in Paris and I will be travelling again tomorrow to spend my holidays and New Year in… Marrakech. How excitinggg! Morocco has been my dream-destination ever since I was a small kid and saw The Clone TV series about forbidden love of Brazilian guy and Moroccan woman haha. I was amazed by this beautiful country, it’s culture and traditions, so I’ve always wanted to travel there. Dreams do come true:)

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Before I go… I also wanted to say my honest thank yous to truly professional @Mobipunkt guys for sorting out my laptop & phone situation superquick and just in time for my travels. Yes I am a true “kobakäpp” and managed to break my phone and laptop at the same time. And I needed them back ASAP! So whether your Apple needs fixing or you are planning on buying a new device – Mobipunkt will sort it all out for you. Plus, they have the best prices in town & you’ll get discount if you bring back you old device. Just a tip.

Tallinn people. I’ll see you next year.  XX