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It was the last day of London Fashion Week, we had Dior event planned for the evening, it was Kätriin’s birthday coming up in couple of days. We were exhausted, tired, but really happy and overwhelmed by (positive) emotions. Like in Milan or in early summer, it has become somewhat a tradition for us to celebrate small and big moments in our life with some bubbles and Moet & Chandon.

And London was no exception. There were so many reasons to celebrate after such long and intense week, so the best and only logical option was to dress up and pop some mini bottles of Moet Brut Imperial Rose to recall all that has happened within the past week. To take some time off and enjoy the moment, you know.


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As I’ve already mentioned it was my first fashion week and the whole experience has been a blast. I would have never thought that we’ll see Hailey, Alessandra or Winnie walking the shows, or Paul Costelloe complimenting us in person. And Roberta Einer. Seeing her presentation live left me speechless. She has come so far and I couldn’t be more proud of this young woman and her achievements. Cheers to that!

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Oversized Long Jacket size 42 and mini skirt H&M Eesti – Boots ALDO

I couldn’t be more happy that in May we made this decision to come to LFW. And that we actually did it. I love pushing myself out of comfort zone and it really was a great challenge and experience to make everything happen on our own.
Mission accomplished. Til the next time, London.

Paris, I’ll see you soon. XX 


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The final day and my final look from London Fashion Week. With Gucci starting the trend, we all know that embroidery has been a thing for quite a while now and it’s growing even more. Shirts, leather jackets jeans, accessories and footwear –  embroidery is smoothly taking over the whole world (read: wardrobe) and can be found literally anywhere, on anything. And GUESS’s New Collection is no exception.

Of course my heart was stolen when I first saw this “Romantic Rebel” faux leather jacket with it’s stunning floral embroidery. And as soon as I spotted the rose print maxi dress, I knew I have a perfect match without even trying on the look. Fun fact is that this leather jacket + dress combination is now on all GUESS window installations, all around the world. Pretty much nailed it haha.


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Jacket, Dress and Bag by GUESS
All available at GUESS Tallinn stores in Viru Keskus, Rocca al Mare and Ülemiste

Although London Fashion Week is now officially over there is more to come. So stay tuned and make sure to check back.
Talk soon, XX


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Rise and shine! I am writing this post at 4:30 am London time thanks to insomnia and because this is the only free moment I’ve had since Tuesday morning. Anyway, our fourth day at London Fashion Week i.e. Monday was the highlight of the whole week and a definition of emotional rollercoaster. Let me start from the very beginning.

Although me and Kätriin are quite different and each one of us has her own sense of style, we do have a similar taste when it comes down to statement pieces and accessories. We realized this when we first met at Moët Chandon photoshoot – both of us were wearing the very same Louis Vuitton Alma BB bags and Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses in blue. And we all know that when it comes to fashion weeks, the biggest nightmare of each and every fashionista is to see someone wearing the very same outfit as you are. 

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But not for us. As we were picking our LFW outfits from GUESS stores in Tallinn, we both fell in love with the very same kimono sets. Neither of us was willing to give up the outfit to another. At some point the only solution was to leave both of the kimonos in the store and pick something else. Until the moment we realized: why not pull of the “twinning” move and wear the very same outfits to London Fashion Week. Both of us… A bit crazy, but why not give it a try?

The result? I would have never imagined we will get so many compliments and attention out of all the crowd, bloggers and celebrities attending fashion shows. The biggest honour was to be complimented by Paul Costelloe himself at the presentation of his collection at The Waldorf Hilton Hotel. The legendary British designer and one of princess Diana favourites.  Mindblown. 



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We ended our day with the stunning Julien Macdonald catwalk show, which left me completely speechless. I didn’t expect to see Winnie Harlow, Hailey Baldwin and Alessandra Ambrosio rocking the catwalk in gorgeous, luxurious, every-girls-dream kind of gowns and dresses. What a night to remember.
It’s 5.00 am now. I’m off. XX

Kimono top and bottom , bags  – GUESS from Viru Keskus
Photos and special thank yous  – Triinu Maasik



London Fashion Week has been on since Friday and we’ve been running around like crazy ever since. 5 30 am wake ups, two-three photoshoots per day; shows, presentations and other events. Every minute of our day is planned and we literally don’t have a single moment off. I’m having a bags-under-my-eyes-are-Prada kind of situation right now, but it’s totally worth it as the whole experience has been a blast so far.

If you want to see everything through our eyes in real time, make sure to keep an eye on  @denimdreamstores Instagram, as me and Kätriin we’ll be taking it over their page and stories for the next three days. And obviously I am posting regularly on my Instagram too. 

And now… Let me introduce you our head-to-toe denim sets that we decided to wear on Day Three of LFW. Outfit details below.


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Denim Jumpsuit HERE – Bomber Jacket HERE – Heart T-Shirt HERE – Midi BackPack HERE

Both, me and Kätriin are wearing head-to-toe denim looks by GUESS.
All pieces available at GUESS store in Viru Keskus and Rocca al Mare.

Talk to you soon, XX



Greetings from LONDON! My happy place, my favourite city, my second home. No, it’s not just another trip to London town. I’m here to work. In fact, we are here to work. Me and Kätriin have been working on this project for so long and I couldn’t be more excited about the whole trip. We are here for our first ever London Fashion Week. Stay tuned, there’s loads to come. 

Let me introduce you my first outfit that I wore on a regular day, as we arrived couple of days before the start of LFW. As mentioned in my previous post about cosy knits – what I love the most about early fall is that there are so many different ways to play around with knitwear. Fashion tip alert! This stunning “oversized” jumper is actually a regular jumper that I simply bought in size XL and decided to wear as an off-shoulder dress.
You would have never guessed it, right?

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Jumper/Dress and Skirt H&M EESTI – Bag PRADA – Boots VALENTINO

Have a nice weekend! XX



Hello! I guess everyone can admit that our weather has been a mess lately. Each and every morning starts with the same old “I don’t know what to wear” kind of problem. As they say in every chaos there is an opportunity, right? So I’ve been making the most out of this crazy weather as it is just perfect time to play around with layering and wear all kind of knits and cardigans. In many different ways.

One of my favourite looks is the combination of oversized knit, scarf, any kind of leggings and some comfy sneaks. You can take off the scarf if it gets too hot and put it back on when it’s starts pouring rain… or whatever the Mother Nature comes up with. Simple and perfect outfit for running around between work and meetings. Outfit details below.






Knit and Leggings H&M – Scarf and Sneakers GUCCI – Bag CELINE Phantom – Sunglasses DIOR Reflected



BYE summer. September is here and autumn has officially arrived. This means loaaaads of press events, store openings and new collection presentations for the upcoming season. It was my honour to discover invitation to Polhem PR Press Day in my mailbox just when I arrived back from Marbella (read more about my month-long travels here). Of course I couldn’t miss the opportunity to attend the event and get familiar with what’s going to be IN (and OUT) this fall.



Super serious fashion blogger discussion going on here with Mr. Fokin & Ms. Kübar

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Hey dears! I’ve been on vacation. I’ve been enjoying my time off and travelling. A lot. I never planned to be absent for so long as I was supposed to be away for just two weeks. But hey, I love spontaneous decisions and that’s why I ended up travelling for more than a month. 4 countries, 10+ cities, 15 flights and endless amount of precious memories with special people in special places. I am rested, happy and thankful. 

I am really sorry but I don’t have that much content to share with you as I literally wanted to have some rest and didn’t even plan on making a single blog post from my travels. That’s why I decided to leave my laptop and camera at home and just enjoy my time off. But then I though it would be nice to catch up after being absent for so long and at least share some snaps from my phone and Instagram with you guys. 
So there you go. Here’s a small summary of my month-long travels. 

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BACK IN 2000s


Remember 2000s? What did Britney, Paris and Nicole have in common? 
Juicy. Velour tracksuit with JUICY written all over booty was a must for every fashionista back in 2000s. I was in high school myself and it was essential for every (s)c(h)ool girl to have at least one of those in her wardrobe. The more different colours you had, the better. I remember getting my first (and only) one from Juicy in Nice – it was in grey, and my sister got her’s in purple. And obviously the only right accessories to wear with the tracksuit were oversized sunnies, Dior-Gucci-LV monogram bags and a ponytail.

Fashion really is a circle. And here we are, are almost two decades later, with Kendall and Kylie bringing back 2000s aka Paris style. Yes – monogram accessories, silver mini-dresses and the legendary velour tracksuits are back!






Both, mine and Kätriin’s stunning velour tracksuits are by German streetwear brand – Urban Classics, that we got from StreetShop One.

I’m absolutely in love with mine – its baby pink colour (so Paris H) and oversized hood. It can literally be worn anywhere and goes with anything. I combined mine with classic Chanel ballerinas that I got from our Milan trip and my first ever Dior monogram bag that I got for my 14th birthday. By the way this bag was my first “luxury” purchase – still remember saving money for this for like a year? Can’t believe I’m wearing it now, exactly 10 years later! 


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Hey dears. So I decided to make a separate post about this absolutely stunning and gorgeous white dress because well… so many compliments, so many questions and messages! Thank you.

The story is pretty simple. When I first saw the dresscode “white” for Moet Party Day dinner at Hilton Tallinn, I was quite excited and didn’t have a single worry about finding my all-white outfit – it just can’t be that hard, can it? I was quite positive about it up until the moment I actually went to the stores and started searching for my perfect all-white-everything look… It was harder than I thought.


In fact, it was a mission impossible. I literally strolled through all the shopping malls, stores and boutiques in Tallinn and scrolled through all the online shops filtering “white” and “dress” keywords. I also considered getting a jumpsuit or a top-bottom combination instead, but I simply couldn’t find anything that would look good enough and feel just right. At some point I was about to give up and skip the party, as I literally had nothing to wear haha. First world problems, I know. 


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