Hey dears! I’ve been on vacation. I’ve been enjoying my time off and travelling. A lot. I never planned to be absent for so long as I was supposed to be away for just two weeks. But hey, I love spontaneous decisions and that’s why I ended up travelling for more than a month. 4 countries, 10+ cities, 15 flights and endless amount of precious memories with special people in special places. I am rested, happy and thankful. 

I am really sorry but I don’t have that much content to share with you as I literally wanted to have some rest and didn’t even plan on making a single blog post from my travels. That’s why I decided to leave my laptop and camera at home and just enjoy my time off. But then I though it would be nice to catch up after being absent for so long and at least share some snaps from my phone and Instagram with you guys. 
So there you go. Here’s a small summary of my month-long travels. 


Both are my all time favourite destinations. As I’ve been going to South France with my family every summer since 2007, it was our 10th anniversary this year. It really feels like home there. We rent a car and travel along the coast. Each day we visit different places like Cannes, Nice, Villefranche-Sur-Mer, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, Cap d’Ail, Village Eze, Beaulieu, Antibes and many other smaller cities. We have our favourite beaches and restaurants in every town, so each day is different. And of course Monaco and Monte Carlo. I have a lot of friends there and it is always good to meet up for a cup of coffee (or rose) and ice cream at iconic places like Cafe de Paris or enjoy sushi and shisha at the finest places like Buddha Bar, TWIGA and other restaurants and lounges. It was just perfect family vacation and I am so happy that we have this yearly tradition.


Mykonos is the next Ibiza they say. And I couldn’t agree more. If you want to enjoy summer and party each and every day, seven days a week, then Mykonos is the place to be. You rent a quad or a JEEP and travel around the whole island to make it to the most beautiful lounges and beaches with breathtaking views. My absolute favourite place was Principote Panormos Mykonos with it’s paradise-like ambiance, design and relaxed atmosphere. In the afternoon parties will start at the coolest places like Alemagou and Scorpios. You will enjoy perfect beach party vibes, see the breathtaking sunsets and dance your night away to the deepest house vibes from top DJs like Black Coffee, Tale of Us and many others. Parties will continue in night clubs such as VOID and Moni and the strongest survivors will meet the early sunrise on the streets of downtown Mykonos. You will sleep for a couple of hours and then repeat. It’s a different way of life and there is something special about the whole vibe in Mykonos. The ones who’ve been, will know. 


It was completely unplanned (and the best) part of my month-long travelling. Marbella is the place to be if you wish to enjoy top quality shopping, restaurants and nightlife. For me it was just about chilling and relaxing after my hectic travel regime. Kind of like a much needed vacation from vacation. I know, first world problems. Anyways, the only pictures I have from the trip are mostly from ah-mazing, heavenly, freshest and top quality seafood dishes from restaurants like El Ancla, El Chiringuito and Marbella Club. I tried so many new fish and other sea “inhabitants” that I can’t even recall all the names haha. Fun fact is that I’ve unintentionally been on a seafood diet for more than a month now and it’s weird but I am not craving any kind of meat. At all. Even chicken. Will see how long this will last.


Honestly, it’s been the happiest one month of my life since a very long time. I feel rested, greatful and full of energy.

Now as I am back in the work mode, there is SO MUCH exciting stuff (hint: FW season) coming up that I couldn’t be happier to share it all with you guys soon.

Hope you had a great summer too.
XX, Inna


  1. Kas oskad Mykonosel soovitada hotelle? Ise just plaanin trippi sinna ja oleks hea hotellisoovitusi saada 🙂

    • Tead, ma ei oskagi väga aidata sellega. Mykonosel renditakse enamasti kamba peale villasid airbnb või booking.com kaudu, kuna see tuleb mõistlikum ja ka rahakotisõbralikum. Aga tean, et üks parimatest hotellidest on kindlasti CavoTagoo Mykonos: https://www.cavotagoo.com/mykonos/.

  2. Kuidas sa seda lubada saad? Kas vanemad?

  3. Mis tööd sa teed siis? no blogimine ei lähe ei töö alla, aint lisa taskuraha 😀

  4. Kas sa enam ei toota Tranferwises :O? Miks? See tundus nii cool töö

  5. Issand, seda kadedust küll! Kelle asi on, millega keegi raha teenib või kuidas toime tuleb? Lp anonüümsed, rääkige parem enda kuludest-tuludest! 🙂 Ja mis siis on kui kellelegi võimaldavadki vanemad head elustiili – ju siis olid nad eelmises elus nii tublid, et see elu on neile helde olnud. Kasvage suureks ja elage oma elu!

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