Hi dears! Yes, I got my lips done. For the second time. Yes, I’m going to answer all of your questions and I am more than happy to share the pictures, the vlog and the story behind it. So grab a cuppa coffee-tea-matcha and let’s get started.

First thing first. When it comes to blogging, one of my main priorities is to be always honest with you guys. What I share here and on my social media channels is what I truly believe and the way I live my life on a daily basis. I would be drinking Boost Yourself smoothies and Hi Matcha lattes, eating at Mamo and having take-away Caffeine regardless whether I collaborate with these brands or not. You have no idea how many offers have I turned down simply because I don’t want my blog to be based on promoted content and stuff that I actually don’t believe in. To me, the whole point of blogging is to stay true to myself and be honest with you guys.  That’s why I wanted to be open about getting my lips done.


WHY LIPS? The simple answer: just because I wanted to. The whole story: I’ve always admired women with fuller lips. To me, plump lips are gorgeous, sexy and feminine. The idea of fuller lips stroke me when I was 18 and when #kyliejennerlipchallenge accidentally happened to me before Kylie even considered getting her lips done. At that time I was studying at uni and spending most of my evenings watching Gossip Girl one season after another. A fun fact about me is that I always have bottled water by the bed (cause I drink a lot of water). And for some super random reason, I was watching the show and sucking the air out of the bottle in the meantime  (super uhm bored, I guess). At some point my lips felt weird, so I went to see myself in the mirror. And voila – new Inna with gorgeous fuller lips was staring at me. The idea of actually getting my lips done wouldn’t get off my mind ever since.

WHY NOW? Although I am super spontaneous person and I could have gone to the beauty clinic much earlier, it took me 5 years to actually feel like I’m ready to do this. I never make spontaneous decisions when it comes to my appearance. If there’s 1% of self-doubt, I better wait for months or even years before I actually get something done (same story with piercings, tattoos etc). Last spring I discovered lip pencil and started “drawing” fuller lips for my daily make up. Once used to the idea, I started looking for the options to get the real lip fillers, but I never had time to deal with this properly. In August I randomly met someone who works for a beauty clinic. And we booked my first session.


FIRST SESSION. Like I said, I’m being honest with you. I had my first lip-job done earlier in October. It was supposed to be my one and only session, but it didn’t turn out that way. I was naive enough to trust the good branding, the specialist that I didn’t feel comfortable with, and ignored some of the “red flags” along the way. Thinking of it now, I have no idea how could I not trust my intuition, especially when it comes to my appearance – my face! So what happened? Basically, nothing happened. I got my lips done but you could barely see the difference between “before” and “after” pictures. Plus my upper lip was slightly uneven. I was advised that this is absolutely normal and I should simply book another “correction” session, which just didn’t feel the right thing to do. Thankfully, I was smart enough to go visit another specialist and hear their independent opinion.

SECOND SESSION. One of my friends advised me to contact Anzhelika Chesnikova, a specialist with medical background and 15 years experience of work with facial dermal fillers. She works for International Cosmetic Center. I booked a slot, told her my story and asked for her advise. My only wish was to get naturally full lips, and fix the upper lip. From the very beginning I felt extremely comfortable with Anzhelika – something I didn’t get at the first clinic. This time, it felt alright to ask her all the “silly” questions, show her my lips, videos and ask for independent advice. She was professional, her answers were convincing and she showed me her jobs. It felt right. I felt comfortable. My inner intuition told me that I can fully trust her. So I had my second session booked for last Monday.

LEARNING POINTS. Whether it’s a tattoo or a plastic surgery, always consider these basic things before changing your appearance:
1) Don’t rush – you need to be 100% sure about your decision. Allow it some time (I’m talking months or even years here).
2) Do your research – google it, read online reviews, ask them questions. You need to know exactly what is going on.
3) Sanitary standards – especially when it comes to needles and surgery-type sessions, the clinic has to comply with all the sanitary standards.
4) Good vibe – make sure you feel 100% comfortable with the person who is literally going to change your appearance. You need to trust them
5) Don’t do this alone – both times I had my support team = the super badass film crew = Melani, Liisa, Hugo by my side. Thank you dears.

Optimized-pjimage (1)

The ones who follow me on Snapchat were lucky enough to see some bits of my new lips and the “live stream” from the actual session. This is how comfortable I felt this time – I was 100% sure of what were doing. So there you gooo – the long awaited vlog and my brand new lips  are now here. PS The vlog is not for the fainthearted. Enjoy.

pjimage (7)

Specialist – Anzhela Chesnikova, 5621 6886 (speaks Estonian/English too)
Clinic – A-Medicum International Cosmetic Center
Product used – Surgiderm 30 xp 0.8 ml

All photos by ANDREI OZDOBA


  1. Issand, su nägu näeb kohe teistmoodi välja ?

  2. Mulle meeldib 🙂 mitte mingid tobedalt suured huuled vaid just parajalt lopsakad. Ilus!

  3. Ilusad! Pildi peal näed nüüd nendega natsa vanem välja, aga enne nägidki välja nagu tiinekas. 😀

  4. Ütle ausalt – oli valus ka?
    Kas Liisal on ka huuli süstitud?

  5. Miks küll? Olid ka ilma selleta kaunis, kuid nüüd on loomulikkus ja eripära kadunud… Kurb!

    • krt igal pool peab mingi kägisev kana olema

      • Tal on õigus oma arvamusele. Ja kusjuures kägisev kana olid praegu Sina:D hashtag piinlik.

        • Ma ei usu hästi, et keegi võiks ausalt arvata, et Inna on nüüd ebaloomulik, eripäratu ja mittekaunis ja olen suht kindel, et tegemist on tüüpilise kanaga.

        • Ma ei usu hästi, et keegi võiks ausalt arvata, et Inna on nüüd ebaloomulik, eripäratu ja mittekaunis, ma olen suht kindel, et tegemist on tüüpilise kanaga

          • Ei väitnud, et Inna poleks enam kaunis. Kindlasti on! Kellele rohkem, kellele vähem kui enne – ilu on alati subjektiivne. Tahtsin lihtsalt öelda, et minu arvates poleks seda vaja olnud, ta oli niigi ilus ilma selleta. Loomulikkus on minu jaoks kadunud, sest tegemist pole enam naturaalse iluga. Ja eripära selletõttu, sest need protseduurid loovad lõppkokkuvõttes sarnase tulemuse.

  6. Tore, et julged jagada. Ise sama protseduuri läbinud (ka kahes eri kohas) ja üldse ei leidnud internetist kogemusi või tagasisidet, mis oleks enne aidanud paremini valida.

  7. Kas Liisa lasi samas kohas oma huuled “teha”? tundub hea töö

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