GRIND. My true love since 2011 (read: the very first GRIND parties). I basically grew up together with those vibes, people & music. It started with me sneaking to Hollywood while being 17 years old kid, and buying my Christmas/Easter holiday plane tickets according to GRIND dates, or my friends live-streaming event to me via Skype if I couldn’t make it because of exams/deadlines/other unistuff. This is pure love. And this is the wild side of me. As you can read from my ABOUT page – music really means a lot to me. And my taste varies from one extreme to another. And GRIND most definitely represents one of those extremes. And I love it with every beat of my heart.

Anyways, it was GRIND and it was Netsky playing for the first time in Kultuurikatel. Event was sold out. The party was epic. The line-up (aka CARTOON, Netsky, MHKL, Coverk x Byte, Futuristik) was all you could wish for. The venue was ah-mazing. The light-show was to-die-for. Regret it if you missed it. Our night was even more epic as we decided to rent an Airbnb apartment. Best decision ever. Awesome location (500m from the venue) + newly renovated building with proper brick walls (so we could play our own music loud (and SING – if you follow me on Snapchat you know what I’m talking about hahah).

The hallway was pretty dope too.

With a perfect selfie-mirror haha.

Oh, another news is that I have a new boyfriend. I am totes in love with him. And we are happily together since April the 8th. I like to call him my babyboy as his full name is Fujifilm X-T10 – not so cute, huh? Anyways, it was our first day together, and we didn’t have time to get to know eachother (especially the settings part). Sooo it turns out half of the pics were blurry. Like SUPER blurry. But it’s people and the vibe that matters.

And now – DA PARTY.








BOOM. Til the next time.

Thank you GRIND

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