It’s mid November. It should be mid-fall and proper autu
mn with it’s rainy days and gorgeous colorful nature. What we have is loads of snow, minus one and early winter wonderland. I have nothing against winter, but it really did come a bit too early this year and I was totally not prepared for all the Christmas vibes. I miss my tshirt-sneakers-leather jacket outfits and the fact, that there’s no need to wrap yourself up in layers of clothes, topped with gloves, scarf and a hat. This is where my fur-it-up lifehack comes in. Fur is light, fur is warm and it doesn’t make you look like a “kubujuss” (Estonians will know).

When the first snow arrived, I was freezing myself off with my leather jacket and sneaks (no gloves, no hat, no scarf), so my first thought was to run to the Luxury Furs Store (ASAP) and pick my three favourites for this fall. It was a tough choice as I fell in love with the whole selection of their quality products, colours and designs. I’m all prepared for the winter now as I decided to go for the coat, the vest and the hooded-vest.

It’s time to stay warm and fur it up dear ladies, especially when there’s my special discount code INNAKOV available to get 10% off your order. Enjoy!




Make sure to check out their whole selection at their store or @ Luxury Furs Estonia Instagram and don’t forget to use my discount code INNAKOV to get 10% off your order. Stay cool, stay warm babes. XX