My 2017 started with bubbly. And I’ve been on my champagne diet ever since. You’re asking why?
To start with, I’ve never been a fan of all the varieties of alcohol – ciders/beers, sweet cocktails/shots – my preference has always been either a) good dry wine or b) skinny bitch. Up until the moment I discovered champagne. Long story short – my lovely friends and the Embassy of Champagne have been stocking me up on bottles of bubbly quite often lately, so apparently I always have some champagne at home waiting for it’s right moment. And it’s always oh-so-easy to find a reason to open up a bottle.. or two?


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Like cherry on the cake I was invited to participate in Champagne Tasting Night with lovely bloggers and champagne connoisseur  – Hannes Aedla from Embassy of Champagne. How could I say no to this?
We gathered up at the luxorious suite in Hotel Telegraaf to shoot for #lovethenow #moetmoment campaign – the special edition Moet Chandon Brut Imperial Rose with tiny stickers on every bottle. A perfect gift to celebrate the V-Day or upcoming International Women’s Day or well… it’s so easy to find a reason to celebrate. Just bear in mind that #lovethenow collection by Moet Chandon is available for a limited time only in Stockmann stores and online.
Make sure to grab yours before it’s gone for good.



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Moving on. I was really excited about the champagne-tasting part of our night. We had a chance to try three different brut roses from LVMH premium brands – Ruinart, Moet Chandon and Veuve Cliquot, accompanied with the finest selection of starters from restaurant Dominic. It was a great experience to get some insight into the history of champagne, the way it’s produced and what makes this exquisite drink so special.
The bubbly has officially stolen my heart.

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Fancy a glass? Embassy of Champagne and eight finest restaurants of Estonia have combined a Champagne Tasting menu for the period of February and March. You may find the list of offers on Embassy of Champagne Facebook page here.  

Aand to wrap it all up.  There’s simply something special about champagne. In good and the bad, in victory and defeat – champagne is always the answer. Love the now, dears. XX

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PHOTOS – Kirill Gvozdev Photography