Hey dears. So I decided to make a separate post about this absolutely stunning and gorgeous white dress because well… so many compliments, so many questions and messages! Thank you.

The story is pretty simple. When I first saw the dresscode “white” for Moet Party Day dinner at Hilton Tallinn, I was quite excited and didn’t have a single worry about finding my all-white outfit – it just can’t be that hard, can it? I was quite positive about it up until the moment I actually went to the stores and started searching for my perfect all-white-everything look… It was harder than I thought.


In fact, it was a mission impossible. I literally strolled through all the shopping malls, stores and boutiques in Tallinn and scrolled through all the online shops filtering “white” and “dress” keywords. I also considered getting a jumpsuit or a top-bottom combination instead, but I simply couldn’t find anything that would look good enough and feel just right. At some point I was about to give up and skip the party, as I literally had nothing to wear haha. First world problems, I know. 



An then on Friday, just one day before the party, it suddenly hit me – I totally forgot about the Dresshouse. I got my oh-so-perfect NYE dress from there too, so all my hopes were literally on them. And Dresshouse didn’t let me down. When I walked into the store and tried on this stunning beauty, I knew it was the one. 

The best part is that it is a multi-way transformer dress, so it can be worn in as many different styles as one can imagine. And the fact that this dress is a slightly see-through when worn with white lingerie, only spices up this seemingly innocent look. Reminded me of this.




“A great dress can make you remember what is beautiful about life”. It really can. 

Make up by Doris-Karola Kendaru