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Kui maailmas on kahte tüüpi inimesi ehk number 1 = need, kes vihkavad esmaspäevi ja sheerivad kõigis oma kanalites #bluemonday #needcoffee #killmenow häshtägidega pilte ja memesid; siis mina olen kindlasti variant number 2 = I freakin love Mondays! Minu jaoks on esmaspäev kõige inspireerivam nädalapäev üldse. Juba pühapäeval panen paika oma terve nädala plaani ja esmaspäeval, hakkan tegutsema kohe kui silmad lahti löön ja voodist püsti saan. Ma armastan olla megabusy ja päev läbi ringi joosta – meeting meetingu otsa, meilid, telefonikõned, kohvipausid, uuesti meilid ja töö/blogiasjad. Mul on välja kujunenud täiesti oma töötamisrutiin – hommikune takeaway kohvi Caffeine’ist või hilisõhtune Populari work station Liisaga – whatever it is, ma naudin seda to the max.

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Wishing you a Happy Friday with my one and only KOV. Cheers!


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Hello people! If you follow me on SNAPCHAT, you most definitely know that I was taking part in BOOST YOURSELF 3-day smoothie detox challenge.

What is it? The name says it all. It’s a worldwide smoothie detox challenge held by amazing Boost Yourself people. All you have to do is drink green smoothies for three days in a row. There are no other rules. Simple as that.

Why do I do it? Although my lifestyle is pretty healthy anyway (fresh/nutritious foods, regular workouts), I believe that taking time out and cleansing my body & mind from all other toxins is something I need to do every once in a while.

Why Boost Yourself? I love the idea. I love the brand. I love the guys behind it – yes, they are guys and not girls! The whole concept is very simple – you get hundreds of different superfoods, vitamins and minerals in three delicious blends: BALANCE, DETOX, and WORKOUT. It is the simplest and easiest way to supercharge your smoothies/fruit-bowls/porridges/pancakes/granola/yoghurts or whatever-comes-to-your-mind.

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Hey people! I am pretty sure it’s all about spring/weather/sun and vitamin D starting to kick in, but I am totally on dem happy pills lately. No more “stressed & depressed” vibes. It’s the opposite. And you can totally see it from my moods and outfits.

MOODS – my closest ones know that I am one of the moodiest persons you’ll ever meet haha. To explain it a bit more, let’s say I am having a supergood day and my mood is 100 on a scale of 0…100. And then there’s one random thing that goes bad. Bad is 0. 100 x 0 = 0. This is the way my moods work. One thing bad = everything bad. In a second. BOOM. And then it takes forever to build it back up (sorry about the math thingy, I used to love math at school). Anyways, this is not the case anymore – I am having a good day and whatever-the-weather, I couldn’t care less. Still happy. Period.

OUTFITS – Black is my THE colour for me. 90% of my outfits are #allblackeverything. Then there’s #50shadesofgrey, and then comes white. I am wearing colours now. Blue? Baby pink? What is going on, haha. Oh, and I am back on track with my leopard-love (those who know, they know). I guess my latest outfit speaks for itself.


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I can’t remember the last time I went to LDN just for a weekend getaway – to chill, be, enjoy – with no running-from-work-to-work related stress. All my previous trips have been pretty hectic at the end of the day, as all this craziness aka people/traffic/tube/time-management is tiring AF (although I still looove working from  our LDN office and being part of that crazy routine). But it feels so good to finally go there and do my fave things/visit my fave places/meet up with people and go out without any time-pressure&responsibilities. Weekend mode ON.

 Taking off soon, xx.


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