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Bonsoir mes chéries! What could be better than a long weekend getaway in Paris? In May? With your best friend? We’ve been planning (and postponing) this trip for really long, so I couldn’t be happier that we finally did it. End of May is the best time to visit Paris as weather is just perfect – not too hot for endless city strolls during the day and not too cold for cozy dinners on the terraces at night.

As Paris is THE place to bring your prettiest dresses and the highest heels, I couldn’t miss my chance and took my favourite pieces with me. One of them was simple wrap dress by Guess that I spiced up with some statement accessories and sky high heels. Of course those pictures had to be taken at our oh-so-green and pretty inner courtyard. Bienvenue!







Dress GUESS – Bag GUESS (available online and at Guess store in Viru Keskus)


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Like there’s no Spain without tapas or England without happy-hour – there’s no Italy without aperitivo. Aperitivo stands for glorious couple of hours between 7-9 pm, where one can spend some quality time with their friends, accompanied with drinks and finest selection of snacks. Aperitivo is served everywhere, so it is totally up to you whether you want to go for relaxed vibe at some hidden local gem or a bit fancier atmosphere at gorgeous hotels, restaurants or their terraces. We spent our first night at Sheraton Diana Majestic and the other nights at Bulgari.

Aperitivo was a perfect occasion to dress up and wear my favourite bandage dress from Marciano.
We decided to capture the moment at one of the most iconic places in Milan – Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II. Outfit details below.

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Both outfits from GUESS store at Viru Keskus
Kätriin: Marciano bandage dress and leather jacket Me: Marciano long-sleeve bandage dress, Showroom Styling heels


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Hello dears! I wanted to share some fun (or maybe not so fun) behind the scenes of our seemingly oh-so-perfect pictures from Milan. As I already mentioned before, our trip was quite hectic, since our “to-do” list was long and schedule was tight. We had several shoots to be done – two of them were planned for Saturday. All was good until we saw the weather forecast – it was 100% chance of shower rain starting 11am. And we had to shoot summer outfits for Guess (outfit details and links at the end of the post). On the streets of Milan. With the perfect “summer vibe” and all that stuff. What we got instead was grey sky, shower rain and 14 degrees. Not so summerish, right?

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The only solution was to shoot early in the morning, before 11 am when the rain was supposed to start. So we set our alarm at 6 am to get ready and head over to Navigli district – a lovely Milanese area with two canals and lots of restaurants alongside the promenade. It was cold, we had heavy bags full of other outfits with us, we could sense the upcoming rain in the air, we didn’t have time for breakfast and our feet were hurting (and literally bleeding) from all the walking – I was wearing heels for 15 hours straight the day before haha. Anyways, I’m not whining here, just sharing the story behind these pictures.

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As Estonians say, lõpp hea, kõik hea. We managed to have our shoot done JUST before the shower rain started. We changed to some warmer clothes (in the bathroom of a random store) and celebrated our morning with croissants, coffee and “Despacito” dance at a random cafe – the local guys were nice enough to let us in and prepare some good Italian espresso alongside with Despacito, Subeme La Radio and La Mortidita tunes.
10 am latino party at a closed cafe, why not? XX

Both outfits from GUESS store at Viru Keskus
Kätriin: denim dresssuede jacket with fringes , bag Me: dress, denim jacket with emroidery, bag



Milan – the capital of fashion, the mecca of fashionistas and the dream city of every woman out there. Me, Kätriin and Marii decided to meet up there and spend our weekend in the most girly way one can imagine. But it wasn’t just for shopping and aperitivo – every minute of our stay was planned – we had a lot of places to visit and shoots to be done. However, as true bloggers and well… women, we couldn’t not fit shopping into our busy schedule. We had our wish-lists and wallets prepared. We had exactly two hours dedicated to shopping. Via Monte Napoleone was waiting for us. 

I’ve always said that shopping does make me happy and it is the best kind of therapy – both mental and physical. Walking 25 000 steps from store to store, carrying heavy bags, having no time to eat and spending half of the day in fitting rooms – that really is a good cardio. And I’m dead serious here. The second best part is the actual process off shopping. The whole experience and the idea of making your dreams come true i.e. ticking items off your wish-list really does give you endorphins. And yes, I’ve always admitted – I like my money right where I can see it, (hanging) in my closet.


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DRESS H&M – CORSET Zara – HEELS London – SUNGLASSES Dolce & Gabbana – BAG Céline Phantom

Two hours for shopping was too optimistic. We lost the track of time and discovered ourselves six hours later. Three exhausted but happy girls. With our hands full of shopping bags and Moët minis to celebrate. Because 1) we are officially spoiled with champagne. 2) There is always a reason to celebrate. And successful shopping really is a good enough reason – we made some of our small dreams come true. Cheers to that!




Hello-hello! As we got really lucky with the weather, the rest of my London trip was spent strolling down the streets, gardens and parks of South Kensington in-between brunches, coffee breaks and dinners. No other plans, no time pressure, no stress. On Sunday, we had our brunch at Ladurée terrace in Harrods. Macaroons for breakfast? Why not. 




Hello everyone! As spring in Estonia has been pretty messed up so far, I decided to spend my weekend in London instead. Reason number one. The weather with it’s 16 degrees, clear sky and the sun. Reason number two. My friend’s birthday celebrations.

I took off on Friday evening without making any plans. All I knew is that I want to get away, catch some sun and enjoy them spring vibes in city that makes my heart beat faster. Over time I have come to a conclusion that spring is my favourite time of the year in London. The city is blooming, people get outside and spend their time at the markets, outdoor terraces and in parks.


It was my friend’s birthday on Saturday, so we all decided to meet up at Duke of York Square market and have his birthday brunch there. Make sure to add this lovely Saturday market to your London to-do list if you want to try out the best of locally produced artisan foods, pastries, cakes and much more. Partridges is famous for it’s delicious duck confit sandwich and the market has different stands with all the varieties of healthy and not-so-healthy food. Yum.
As market had no seating we headed over to Gallery Mess at Saatchi and enjoyed some bubbly to kick off the birthday celebrations.




London. Spring. Parks. That’s so funny but I would never imagine myself chilling in the park back home. Here in London, it is totally fine. In fact, it’s a must. That’s why we spent the rest of our day in Hyde park – listening to More Life by Drake (this album tho!), chatting and playing games. Simple pleasures in life you know.




Dears, I can’t realize that this is actually happening. My baby blog turned one today. HBD TO MY BABY.

Unbelievable, but it’s been one year. ONE year since I hit “publish” on my first ever post. What an amazing and eventful journey it has been so far – all the projects, opportunities and collaborations that I’ve had, all the people that I’ve met, all the lessons that I’ve learned. The Estonian Bloggers Award that we won by surprise in June with my three months old blog. Yes – “we” – because this all would have never been possible without YOU my dears.

I am sincerely thankful to every single one of you who have been with me along the way.
Thank you for all the support, feedback, lessons and opportunities. I LOVE YOU. 


As a really proud mama, there’s no way I could have missed an opportunity to celebrate my baby’s first birthday. Go big or go home as they say haha. 
Location: Swissotel Tallinn. Dresscode: black & gold. Fuelled by: Embassy of Champagne.


pjimage (12)





Shopping is one of my favourite things about London. And it’s not just about the goodies that I end up buying  – it’s about the whole experience/process. That’s why I’ve never been a fan of online shopping and I prefer to wait for my next trip abroad, rather than “click-away” the whole experience. Especially when it comes to goodies that have been waiting for their moment on my “to-buy” list for a while. That’s why shopping in London. That’s why Selfridges and Harrods.

We started our day with a post-birthday and pre-shopping brunch at Balans Soho Society. It was my first time there and I couldn’t not love the place. The atmosphere, the food, the service – everything was on point. And their High Society Eggs Benedict with Lobster. Woah.






Hello dears. I know, I know – I’ve been a gone-girl. On & off from both – blogging and social media.
I never thought I will be one of those “bloggers” who visit their blog every once in a while and start their posts with “I’m sorry I haven’t been posting that often lately”. I guess I should feel bad about it, but I really don’t, as I truly believe that blogging is about quality over quantity. Plus, I’ve had my ups&downs in the past couple of months (all is good now). So staying away from all the social media was something I truly wanted/needed to do. That’s why the change of scenery. That’s why London.


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I LOVE London. This city makes me feel alive, it makes my heart beat faster. I used to spend there my weekends during uni-years and I used to go there every other month after my graduation (for both – leisure and work). On the one hand I love it for always being the same-old, never-changing London. I have my old friends there, I have my favourite places to visit, streets to walk, food to eat. And then there’s the other side, the “undiscovered” side of London. I guess it’s impossible to complete one’s London to-do list as there are so many must-go places to try and so many new trendy spots opening up every day. So my London-trips are always about visiting the good-old favourite spots+ ticking off some new from my never-ending London to-do list. And of course seeing my old (+ meeting new) friends, and a little work.


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This time I was really excited about working from TransferWise London office as they’ve relocated to the coolest TEA Building in Shoreditch Highstreet Station since my last visit. This building is a Shoreditch landmark and is THE hub for all the start-ups, marketing agencies, designers and other creative minds.
On Friday we had our Chinese New Year’s themed LunchWise with Kristo and Andy Maguaire from HSBC. Work stuff aside I literally had a whole “list” of people to see, visit and catch up with. So I ended up running to at least 3 different “meetings” after work and still didn’t manage to see everyone (til the next time dears). I’ve managed to visit my favourite places like Polpo, Jak’s and Zefi, Sketch, the hidden Punch Room at Edition and some others.


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And the real reason behind my spontaneous trip to London was my sister’s XXI birthday. She and her BF were flying to Paris earlier in the week and we all decided to meet up in London for the weekend. What could be a better way to celebrate your babysister’s XXI? It was their first time in London so there was a lot of sightseeing, shopping and dining to do. Plus all the must-go spots. Plus birthday celebrations. It was a hectic weekend. But hey it’s London, and London IS always hectic anyway.
In fact, it was truly nice to visit all the “touristic” places as I haven’t done any London-sightseeing since high school. I guess over time Big Ben has become to me like an Eiffel tower to Parisians – you know it’s there, you see it every day, but you take it for granted. So, it was really nice to stop for once and actually embrace the beauty of this stunning tower. Not to mention, the fact that we were blessed with a stunning sunset overlooking the Thames, the London Eye, the Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. Simply stunning.





HELLO MY PEOPLE! I know I know… Ma ei hakka isegi mingeid vabandusi välja tooma, no see tõesti on “long time no see” keiss, ja I kinda feel bad about it, aga samas kohe üldse mitte. Mis siis toimub ja miks ma lubasin endale for the first time ever nii pikalt mitte blogida?

Ma läksin reisile. Proper BFF puhkuse reisile oma BB Melaniga. Mis tähendab, et üle väga väga pika aja lubasime endale unustada ära kõik kohustused ja olla carefree lapsed tervet kaheksa päeva järjest. Ning loomulikult peale tagasitulekut oli haige reality check. BOOM. Me oleme täiskasvanud inimesed ning kohustuste “unustamisel” ja reaalsuse eest põgenemisel on omad tagajärjed – reaalsus. Aga oh, how much I needed this. Ja I don’t care, et kõikvõimalikud asjad, mis said kuhjuda, kuhjusid üksteise otsa ja ever since I came back from Cyprus olen elanud full work mode peal ja maganud 6 tunni kaupa. Ma absoluutselt ei vingu. Meie tripp oli totally worth it. Jaaa let me tell you why.

See postitus on olnud midagi, mille kallal viimased paar päeva töödanud olen – piltide sorteerimine, vlogi editimine telefoniga filmitud juppidest (ja 0st ümbereditimine mingi Youtube copyright teema pärast). The struggle was real aga SIIN SEE ON. Ma loodan, et saate aimu meie tripist ja how freakin awesome see oli. Ja ma loodan, et it was worth the wait ja kolme nädalast pausi blogimisest. ENJOY.


No nii. Alustame. Need, kes tunnevad mind teavad, et mu elus peab kõik alati planeeritud/läbimõeldud olema, mis tegelikult tekitab mulle palju mõtettut stressi ja pinget. Aga not this time. Nii kui me lennujaamast sisse astusime (ja nägin, et Melanil sama outfit seljas on haha), otsustasime, et on aeg välja lülitada oma sisemine “responsible grown-up mode”, sisse lülitada “go with the flow” režiim ning nautida hetke, siin ja praegu. Parim. Otsus. Ever. See oligi kogu tripi edukuse võti ja tõi meile nii palju uskumatuid/awesome olukordi, juhuseid ja kokkusattumusi. Sometimes the best plan is not to have a plan at all.  

Jõudsime Larnaca lennujaama laupäeva öösel kell 22 ilma mingi plaanita. Teadsime, et meil on vaja ennast toimetada Küprose teise otsa, Paphose linna, 130 km kaugusele. Ning selle asemel, et stressata ja endale taksot otsima hakata, saime täiesti lampi tuttavaks kahe kutiga, kes tulid Küprosele puhkama. Juhtumisi olid nad venelased ja sõitsid enamvähem samas suunas. Tüübid olid vääga rõõmsasti nõus meid poolele teele oma rendiautoga viskama. Saime uued sõbrad ja mega fun car-ride kaubapeale. Sealt edasi saime takso peale, ja all was good seni kuni at some point, in the middle of nowhere, läks autol lampi kumm katki. What are the chances? But hey, milleks stressata nii lambika asja üle keset ööd, X kohas, võõras linnas. It was all good ja taksojuht oli superchill. Ning olukorrast sai pigem rohkem nalja kui stressi.


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Kuigi see oli nii minu kui Melani esimene kord Küprosel, meil ei olnud ühtegi to-do/must-see listi. Me ei valmistanud ennast ette nagu proper turistid ja ei lugenud läbi Küprose turisti ABC. Ja selles oligi meie tripi võlu. Iga päev oli erinev ja omamoodi huvitav.  Sõime hommikusöögiks saiakesi kohalikelt pagaritelt. Kõndisime palju jala, saime kohalikelt pick up driveritelt küüti, rentisime quadi ning üritasime vältida turistikaid kohti ja avastada hoopis wild/robust side of Cyprus. Inimtühjad secret rannad, sea caves, wedding locations, banaanipõllud, liivarannad ja kõrbe vaibiga liivaalad. Küprose ehe, untouched loodus on lihtsalt ebareaalne. Seda kõike on võimatu sõnade ja piltidega edasi anda.


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