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It was the last day of London Fashion Week, we had Dior event planned for the evening, it was Kätriin’s birthday coming up in couple of days. We were exhausted, tired, but really happy and overwhelmed by (positive) emotions. Like in Milan or in early summer, it has become somewhat a tradition for us to celebrate small and big moments in our life with some bubbles and Moet & Chandon.

And London was no exception. There were so many reasons to celebrate after such long and intense week, so the best and only logical option was to dress up and pop some mini bottles of Moet Brut Imperial Rose to recall all that has happened within the past week. To take some time off and enjoy the moment, you know.


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As I’ve already mentioned it was my first fashion week and the whole experience has been a blast. I would have never thought that we’ll see Hailey, Alessandra or Winnie walking the shows, or Paul Costelloe complimenting us in person. And Roberta Einer. Seeing her presentation live left me speechless. She has come so far and I couldn’t be more proud of this young woman and her achievements. Cheers to that!

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Oversized Long Jacket size 42 and mini skirt H&M Eesti – Boots ALDO

I couldn’t be more happy that in May we made this decision to come to LFW. And that we actually did it. I love pushing myself out of comfort zone and it really was a great challenge and experience to make everything happen on our own.
Mission accomplished. Til the next time, London.

Paris, I’ll see you soon. XX 



Looking at my latest posts it seems that I’ve become a full-time Moet Party Day blogger haha. I guess everyone’s already well aware about The Day, what it’s like and how it’s celebrated. Having had our brunch-gone-lunch at Lounge Dega Vu (read more about it here), me & Kätriin headed over to my place to get ready for the evening party at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel with other bloggers.

We had fun. We had bubbles and champagne showers. We had a record number of Moet bottles opened at the same time. We ended up in Olympic Park Casino playing roulette and enjoying some cabaret show. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.






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Whoa, last week was SO hectic and full of events, parties and celebrations. It all started with Moet Party Day on Saturday, followed by my friends’ graduations throughout the week, my birthday party on Wednesday and mid-summer celebrations over the weekend. It’s been emotionally overwhelming (in a good way), so much fun and I couldn’t be happier about everything. I’ll write a bit more about it in my upcoming birthday post.

But for now I wanted to share some pictures from my new favourite “holiday” – International Moet Party Day. How amazing it is to have a full day dedicated to champagne, good mood and good company. Of course me & my dearest Kätriin decided to pop by official Moet Party Day brunch at Lounge Deja Vu to have our breakfast and morning bubbles. We were lucky with the weather, the whole terrace looked so gorgeous decorated with white balloons and all guests wearing only white.




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“Come quickly! I’m tasting the stars” – Dom Perignon at the moment he discovered champagne.

Champagne has officially become my favourite beverage ever since I had a chance to learn more about this exquisite drink back in February. I prefer to drink champagne over any other beverage and it’s oh-so-easy to find a reason to open up a bottle and celebrate! Why am I telling you this?

Well, well. On Saturday we are going to open up more bottles than ever, as June 17th is officially International Moët Party Day!
A whole day full of bubbles, good vibes and fun. All around the World. 

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Hello-hello! As we got really lucky with the weather, the rest of my London trip was spent strolling down the streets, gardens and parks of South Kensington in-between brunches, coffee breaks and dinners. No other plans, no time pressure, no stress. On Sunday, we had our brunch at Ladurée terrace in Harrods. Macaroons for breakfast? Why not. 

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Hello everyone! As spring in Estonia has been pretty messed up so far, I decided to spend my weekend in London instead. Reason number one. The weather with it’s 16 degrees, clear sky and the sun. Reason number two. My friend’s birthday celebrations.

I took off on Friday evening without making any plans. All I knew is that I want to get away, catch some sun and enjoy them spring vibes in city that makes my heart beat faster. Over time I have come to a conclusion that spring is my favourite time of the year in London. The city is blooming, people get outside and spend their time at the markets, outdoor terraces and in parks.


It was my friend’s birthday on Saturday, so we all decided to meet up at Duke of York Square market and have his birthday brunch there. Make sure to add this lovely Saturday market to your London to-do list if you want to try out the best of locally produced artisan foods, pastries, cakes and much more. Partridges is famous for it’s delicious duck confit sandwich and the market has different stands with all the varieties of healthy and not-so-healthy food. Yum.
As market had no seating we headed over to Gallery Mess at Saatchi and enjoyed some bubbly to kick off the birthday celebrations.




London. Spring. Parks. That’s so funny but I would never imagine myself chilling in the park back home. Here in London, it is totally fine. In fact, it’s a must. That’s why we spent the rest of our day in Hyde park – listening to More Life by Drake (this album tho!), chatting and playing games. Simple pleasures in life you know.

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Six girls. Five restaurants. One night. And the-morning-after brunch. This is how we spent yet another weekend with our lovely Embassy of Champagne girls. I couldn’t be happier about this opportunity to taste different champagnes and learn more about this exquisite drink.
Our Friday night was dedicated to Veuve Clicquot Brut Rose. We managed to visit four restaurants in one night and had a chance to taste their carefully chosen selection of seafood starters. Simply delicious.

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My 2017 started with bubbly. And I’ve been on my champagne diet ever since. You’re asking why?
To start with, I’ve never been a fan of all the varieties of alcohol – ciders/beers, sweet cocktails/shots – my preference has always been either a) good dry wine or b) skinny bitch. Up until the moment I discovered champagne. Long story short – my lovely friends and the Embassy of Champagne have been stocking me up on bottles of bubbly quite often lately, so apparently I always have some champagne at home waiting for it’s right moment. And it’s always oh-so-easy to find a reason to open up a bottle.. or two?


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Like cherry on the cake I was invited to participate in Champagne Tasting Night with lovely bloggers and champagne connoisseur  – Hannes Aedla from Embassy of Champagne. How could I say no to this?
We gathered up at the luxorious suite in Hotel Telegraaf to shoot for #lovethenow #moetmoment campaign – the special edition Moet Chandon Brut Imperial Rose with tiny stickers on every bottle. A perfect gift to celebrate the V-Day or upcoming International Women’s Day or well… it’s so easy to find a reason to celebrate. Just bear in mind that #lovethenow collection by Moet Chandon is available for a limited time only in Stockmann stores and online.
Make sure to grab yours before it’s gone for good.



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Moving on. I was really excited about the champagne-tasting part of our night. We had a chance to try three different brut roses from LVMH premium brands – Ruinart, Moet Chandon and Veuve Cliquot, accompanied with the finest selection of starters from restaurant Dominic. It was a great experience to get some insight into the history of champagne, the way it’s produced and what makes this exquisite drink so special.
The bubbly has officially stolen my heart.

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Fancy a glass? Embassy of Champagne and eight finest restaurants of Estonia have combined a Champagne Tasting menu for the period of February and March. You may find the list of offers on Embassy of Champagne Facebook page here.  

Aand to wrap it all up.  There’s simply something special about champagne. In good and the bad, in victory and defeat – champagne is always the answer. Love the now, dears. XX

MY TAN –  Spray Tallinn
MAKE UP – Marre Naissoo
PHOTOS – Kirill Gvozdev Photography



Shopping is one of my favourite things about London. And it’s not just about the goodies that I end up buying  – it’s about the whole experience/process. That’s why I’ve never been a fan of online shopping and I prefer to wait for my next trip abroad, rather than “click-away” the whole experience. Especially when it comes to goodies that have been waiting for their moment on my “to-buy” list for a while. That’s why shopping in London. That’s why Selfridges and Harrods.

We started our day with a post-birthday and pre-shopping brunch at Balans Soho Society. It was my first time there and I couldn’t not love the place. The atmosphere, the food, the service – everything was on point. And their High Society Eggs Benedict with Lobster. Woah.



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Ever since I started blogging I have always wanted to write about Mamo – my long-time favourite and the only healthy fast food chain here in Tallinn. The thing is that I’ve never really had a chance (and time) to take proper shots and share my love for Mamo as I always pop by the place when on-the-run/super busy/in a hurry. Although I’m pretty sure you are already familiar with their banana muffins and chocolate hummus thanks to my #typicalwhitegirl moments and shameless food + wokstation snaps.

Anyways, there we gooo – me and BB finally had a chance to take our morning off and have our proper BFF breakfast at Mamo. No time pressure, no work stress – just our sleepy faces, good food and BFF vibes. Scroll down and find out all that you need to know about Mamo and our BFF brunch tradition.



Matcha iced tea, banoffee curd, chocolate hummus with cherries, yoghurt with hand-made muesli, buckwheat gingerbreads, orange-coffee juice, Christmas tea and bacon in maple syrup.

Mamo. Mamo is the only healthy fast-food chain here in Estonia. They have three cafes in Tallinn – Liivalaia, Tornimäe and Ülemiste. As Mamo is aimed at people with busy/on-the-go lifestyle, their cafes are open during work days only, 8am til 6pm. The whole menu is available to eat-in and take-away.

Mamo food. Mamo food is prepared fresh, on-site, each and every day. Their whole-wheat pastries are baked in-store every morning and their wraps, salads and dailies are handmade to seasonal recipes. Their food is filling and balanced, cooked with nutritious, natural ingredients and superfoods. They avoid using refined sugars, so all the desserts and pastries are sweetened with natural sugars like fruits, raisins and honey.

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