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Whoa, last week was SO hectic and full of events, parties and celebrations. It all started with Moet Party Day on Saturday, followed by my friends’ graduations throughout the week, my birthday party on Wednesday and mid-summer celebrations over the weekend. It’s been emotionally overwhelming (in a good way), so much fun and I couldn’t be happier about everything. I’ll write a bit more about it in my upcoming birthday post.

But for now I wanted to share some pictures from my new favourite “holiday” – International Moet Party Day. How amazing it is to have a full day dedicated to champagne, good mood and good company. Of course me & my dearest Kätriin decided to pop by official Moet Party Day brunch at Lounge Deja Vu to have our breakfast and morning bubbles. We were lucky with the weather, the whole terrace looked so gorgeous decorated with white balloons and all guests wearing only white.







It was SO hot on the terrace that we ended up hiding in shade on Deja Vu’s window couches, which was just perfect spot on a hot day like this.



What could be a better way to spend your Saturday morning? Having had some ice-cold bubbly, some freshest strawberries and feeling a bit bubbly ourselves, we headed over to my place to get ready for the evening party. To be continued. XX

Make up by Doris-Karola Kendaru
Event location Lounge Deja Vu

Tähelepanu! Tegemist on alkoholiga, alkohol võib kahjustada Teie tervist. 

GUESS WHAT? It’s giveaway time


A) It’s been one year since my latest giveaway B) We hit 10 000 followers on my Instagram couple of weeks ago C) glorious summer has finally arrived D) it is my birthday coming up soon!

There are so many reasons to celebrate and that’s why I decided to make June the month of giveaways on my Instagram to simply say thank you for all your support and love. There are so many amazing prizes to look forward to and I am so excited for you guys to participate and win.

GUESS WHAT? The first giveaway is with Denim Dream Stores, and I couldn’t be more excited to give away 2×50 EUR gift cards to shop at GUESS in Viru Keskus and Rocca al Mare. The giveaway is on my Instagram here.





Our sunnies, t-shirts and my jacket GUESS  – jeans BIK BOK – bag LOUIS VUITTON

The giveaway is for both men and woman and is on my Instagram here.




Bonsoir mes chéries! What could be better than a long weekend getaway in Paris? In May? With your best friend? We’ve been planning (and postponing) this trip for really long, so I couldn’t be happier that we finally did it. End of May is the best time to visit Paris as weather is just perfect – not too hot for endless city strolls during the day and not too cold for cozy dinners on the terraces at night.

As Paris is THE place to bring your prettiest dresses and the highest heels, I couldn’t miss my chance and took my favourite pieces with me. One of them was simple wrap dress by Guess that I spiced up with some statement accessories and sky high heels. Of course those pictures had to be taken at our oh-so-green and pretty inner courtyard. Bienvenue!







Dress GUESS – Bag GUESS (available online and at Guess store in Viru Keskus)


Optimized-File_007 (1) (2)

Like there’s no Spain without tapas or England without happy-hour – there’s no Italy without aperitivo. Aperitivo stands for glorious couple of hours between 7-9 pm, where one can spend some quality time with their friends, accompanied with drinks and finest selection of snacks. Aperitivo is served everywhere, so it is totally up to you whether you want to go for relaxed vibe at some hidden local gem or a bit fancier atmosphere at gorgeous hotels, restaurants or their terraces. We spent our first night at Sheraton Diana Majestic and the other nights at Bulgari.

Aperitivo was a perfect occasion to dress up and wear my favourite bandage dress from Marciano.
We decided to capture the moment at one of the most iconic places in Milan – Galleria Vittoria Emanuele II. Outfit details below.

Optimized-File_002 (4) (2)
Optimized-File_004 (2) (2)

pjimage (19)

Optimized-File_000 (11)

Both outfits from GUESS store at Viru Keskus
Kätriin: Marciano bandage dress and leather jacket Me: Marciano long-sleeve bandage dress, Showroom Styling heels


Optimized-File_007 (3)

Hello dears! I wanted to share some fun (or maybe not so fun) behind the scenes of our seemingly oh-so-perfect pictures from Milan. As I already mentioned before, our trip was quite hectic, since our “to-do” list was long and schedule was tight. We had several shoots to be done – two of them were planned for Saturday. All was good until we saw the weather forecast – it was 100% chance of shower rain starting 11am. And we had to shoot summer outfits for Guess (outfit details and links at the end of the post). On the streets of Milan. With the perfect “summer vibe” and all that stuff. What we got instead was grey sky, shower rain and 14 degrees. Not so summerish, right?

Optimized-File_000 (12)

The only solution was to shoot early in the morning, before 11 am when the rain was supposed to start. So we set our alarm at 6 am to get ready and head over to Navigli district – a lovely Milanese area with two canals and lots of restaurants alongside the promenade. It was cold, we had heavy bags full of other outfits with us, we could sense the upcoming rain in the air, we didn’t have time for breakfast and our feet were hurting (and literally bleeding) from all the walking – I was wearing heels for 15 hours straight the day before haha. Anyways, I’m not whining here, just sharing the story behind these pictures.

Optimized-File_002 (2) (1)

Optimized-File_004 (1)

Optimized-File_006 (2)

Optimized-pjimage (18)

Optimized-File_003 (1)

Optimized-File_005 (1)

As Estonians say, lõpp hea, kõik hea. We managed to have our shoot done JUST before the shower rain started. We changed to some warmer clothes (in the bathroom of a random store) and celebrated our morning with croissants, coffee and “Despacito” dance at a random cafe – the local guys were nice enough to let us in and prepare some good Italian espresso alongside with Despacito, Subeme La Radio and La Mortidita tunes.
10 am latino party at a closed cafe, why not? XX

Both outfits from GUESS store at Viru Keskus
Kätriin: denim dresssuede jacket with fringes , bag Me: dress, denim jacket with emroidery, bag



Milan – the capital of fashion, the mecca of fashionistas and the dream city of every woman out there. Me, Kätriin and Marii decided to meet up there and spend our weekend in the most girly way one can imagine. But it wasn’t just for shopping and aperitivo – every minute of our stay was planned – we had a lot of places to visit and shoots to be done. However, as true bloggers and well… women, we couldn’t not fit shopping into our busy schedule. We had our wish-lists and wallets prepared. We had exactly two hours dedicated to shopping. Via Monte Napoleone was waiting for us. 

I’ve always said that shopping does make me happy and it is the best kind of therapy – both mental and physical. Walking 25 000 steps from store to store, carrying heavy bags, having no time to eat and spending half of the day in fitting rooms – that really is a good cardio. And I’m dead serious here. The second best part is the actual process off shopping. The whole experience and the idea of making your dreams come true i.e. ticking items off your wish-list really does give you endorphins. And yes, I’ve always admitted – I like my money right where I can see it, (hanging) in my closet.


Optimized-pjimage (17)



DRESS H&M – CORSET Zara – HEELS London – SUNGLASSES Dolce & Gabbana – BAG Céline Phantom

Two hours for shopping was too optimistic. We lost the track of time and discovered ourselves six hours later. Three exhausted but happy girls. With our hands full of shopping bags and Moët minis to celebrate. Because 1) we are officially spoiled with champagne. 2) There is always a reason to celebrate. And successful shopping really is a good enough reason – we made some of our small dreams come true. Cheers to that!


Optimized-File_006 (1)

Like everyone else, I couldn’t be more happy about the current weather situation and the fact that we can finally wear loose clothes and look normal (not kubujuss with all the layers of jackets, sweaters, hoodies and fur vests). So it’s a massive “YES” to spring being finally here… but then I’m not setting my expectations up high, as we all know that mother-nature has betrayed us waaay too often lately.

Anyways, here is my first outfit to celebrate the long-awaited sun and plus 15 degrees celsius. I’ve always loved the mix of maxi-cardigan and a tiny leather jacket. It’s a bit too cold to wear these pieces separately with a t-shirt – so mixing all three in one outfit is just a perfect combination. Oh, and of course I am a victim of the massive trend for large logo belts and (sky)high-waisted jeans.

All my clothes and accessories from Calvin Klein Jeans (find links below). Suede shoes are from Showroom Styling.

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Optimized-File_007 (1)
Optimized-File_008 (1)

Optimized-File_001(1) (1)





I don’t really know why, but I rarely accept invites for studio shoots. But then I also like (and need) new challenges every once in a while, so I couldn’t say “no” when Doris & Martin invited me to shoot with them. I’ve always admired flawless make up by Doris, and I like Martin’s works. I like to go for very basic and simple looks when shooting in studio, so I decided to play around with two outfits. Or well, both of them were basically the same – I only switched jackets. Classy blazer vs leather. The good vs bad. It’s funny how one piece of clothing can change the whole look and final outcome.







PHOTOS Martin Dremljuga Photography – MUA Doris-Karola Kendaru–  STYLE Me



And there you go, INNAKOV x ADIDAS strikes again. There’s not much to say. You know I love adidas. And I’m absolutely in love with my newest head-to-toe set from adidas originals. And I’m in love with these stunning shots taken by the most talented and coolest chica @Marleen Muhuste.
So much love here, I know haha. Outfit details below. Enjoy.











Hoodie HERE – Leggings HERE – T-Shirt HERE – Tubulars HERE – Backpack HERE – Cap HERE




Remember last week I told you about the shoe heaven at SHOWROOM Styling? And how I couldn’t pick a favourite pair, because a) I am the most indecisive person on Earth b) their selection is simply too good to pick just one pair. Well, I wasn’t lying. I literally couldn’t decide on what to wear for our photoshoot, so I ended up taking all of my favourites (six pairs) instead. The more the merrier, right?


Just look how gorgeous they are. From sneaks to heels. All of them.




Our backstage shoot/photoshoot prep turned smoothly into an actual photoshoot, so here’s a whole bunch of photos that we shot with one of my biggest favourites – peep-toe ankle booties from Blink. Ugh, I just can’t wait for the weather to get warmer, as there are soo many outfits already planned in my head wearing these. Stunners.






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