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Looking at my latest posts it seems that I’ve become a full-time Moet Party Day blogger haha. I guess everyone’s already well aware about The Day, what it’s like and how it’s celebrated. Having had our brunch-gone-lunch at Lounge Dega Vu (read more about it here), me & Kätriin headed over to my place to get ready for the evening party at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel with other bloggers.

We had fun. We had bubbles and champagne showers. We had a record number of Moet bottles opened at the same time. We ended up in Olympic Park Casino playing roulette and enjoying some cabaret show. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.











Our evening continued at Olympic Park Casino with even more champagne, some cabaret show and roulette – sorry no pictures from there:)
What a day. What a night. See you next year, XX

Photos – Rasmus Kooskora Photography
Location – Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel



Whoa, last week was SO hectic and full of events, parties and celebrations. It all started with Moet Party Day on Saturday, followed by my friends’ graduations throughout the week, my birthday party on Wednesday and mid-summer celebrations over the weekend. It’s been emotionally overwhelming (in a good way), so much fun and I couldn’t be happier about everything. I’ll write a bit more about it in my upcoming birthday post.

But for now I wanted to share some pictures from my new favourite “holiday” – International Moet Party Day. How amazing it is to have a full day dedicated to champagne, good mood and good company. Of course me & my dearest Kätriin decided to pop by official Moet Party Day brunch at Lounge Deja Vu to have our breakfast and morning bubbles. We were lucky with the weather, the whole terrace looked so gorgeous decorated with white balloons and all guests wearing only white.







It was SO hot on the terrace that we ended up hiding in shade on Deja Vu’s window couches, which was just perfect spot on a hot day like this.



What could be a better way to spend your Saturday morning? Having had some ice-cold bubbly, some freshest strawberries and feeling a bit bubbly ourselves, we headed over to my place to get ready for the evening party. To be continued. XX

Make up by Doris-Karola Kendaru
Event location Lounge Deja Vu

Tähelepanu! Tegemist on alkoholiga, alkohol võib kahjustada Teie tervist. 



“Come quickly! I’m tasting the stars” – Dom Perignon at the moment he discovered champagne.

Champagne has officially become my favourite beverage ever since I had a chance to learn more about this exquisite drink back in February. I prefer to drink champagne over any other beverage and it’s oh-so-easy to find a reason to open up a bottle and celebrate! Why am I telling you this?

Well, well. On Saturday we are going to open up more bottles than ever, as June 17th is officially International Moët Party Day!
A whole day full of bubbles, good vibes and fun. All around the World. 



We are talking Moët Party Day here, so it’s literally a whole day dedicated to champagne.
On Saturday, forget your morning coffee – mimosas for breakfast or ice-cold Imperial with fruits and berries is a must!

Moët Party Day celebrations can be held anywhere – at home, in the park, on a boat trip or any other place you can think of.
And of course you are more than welcome to come and join us at official Moët Party Day locations in Estonia: a brunch at Lounge Deja Vu, followed by dinner at Hilton Tallinn Park Hotel terrace with afterparties at Olympic Park Casino, Vabank and Club Theater.

Check the full list of Moët Party Day venues and official schedule on their Facebook event page.




And last but not least. Remember how I told you that June is going to be a Month of Giveaways on my blog and Instagram?
Yes, this is absolutely true and I have another exciting giveaway for you. PS. You have to be at least 18 to participate.

The prize: Moët&Chandon goodie bag or two entrance tickets to Moët Party Day celebrations at Hilton terrace.
To enter: upload your Moët&Chandon photo on Instagram with #moetmoment and #moetpartydayEE hashtags.

Winner will be announced on June 16. Good luck!


Honestly, I am SO looking forward to this day and hope to see you all there.

Let’s taste the stars and share this #moetmoment all together!
See you soon. XX


PHOTOS by Galina Deinega Photography
MAKE UP by Doris-Karola Kendaru



Hello dears! Me and Kätriin were invited over to Estonia’s legendary shopping mall – Kaubamaja to check out their summer collection and pick our favourites. To be honest, their selection was so gorgeous and I was lucky to try on all the beautiful dresses and shoes, which then made it so difficult just choosing three favourite sets. Problems.

Anyway, the good news is that this week from May 17th to May 21st all the dresses, shoes and bags for women and all the suits for men are -20% with Partnerkaart in store and online. It’s just about time to get ready for summer and it’s parties, graduations and all the celebrations!

Scroll down to see my favourites. 




Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Happy Thursday dears! As promised, here are some pictures from TFW day two. We didn’t have any time to take proper outfit shots as my Friday turned out to be super busy and I ended up being “fashionably” late to the fashion week shows. Classic.

 The fun fact is that I never really prepared for the event and had no time to plan my outfits in advance. Both of the looks randomly crossed my mind when I was trying to fall asleep and realized that I won’t have any time to come home and change for the shows. This is the reason why I went for a simple loungewear look on the first day – it can be worn both during the day and at night. K&M went for the classy black-and-white combos. In contrast, it seems that all of us were in the “good girl gone bad” mood on Friday, so our outfits turned out to be a combination of leather, over-the-knee boots, fishnet and studs.

Optimized-File_004 SEE MORE


File_000 (7)

Hey dears! Last week was Tallinn Fashion Week and it was my first time attending the show as press.
As I have never been the connoisseur of Estonian fashion business, it was a great opportunity to have a closer look at the works of our designers and get familiar with the local fashion scene. I didn’t make it on the first day, but had a chance to see all of the shows on Thursday and Friday, which we attended with two other bloggers Kätriin and Meryl –  you already know their faces from our girls-night-in and girls-night-out aka restaurant hopping.

Optimized-File_006(1) (4)

Tutrleneck H&M – Sweatpants ASOS LOUNGE – Ankle Boots YSL – Bag PRADA

On the first day I decided to go for all-nude-everything look combined with brown fur coat, ankle boots and Prada tote. I love to play around with the shades of nude lately and I’m absolutely in love with the way it goes with rose gold jewelry. The fun fact about my outfit is that a lot of people think it’s a “co-ord”, although these pants and top are from two different brands and were never meant to be “perfectly matching”. Another ironic thing is that these sweatpants are from ASOS loungewear department and should be worn at home. This has never happened, whoops.

Optimized-File_000 (8)

Optimized-File_002(2) SEE MORE



Dears, I can’t realize that this is actually happening. My baby blog turned one today. HBD TO MY BABY.

Unbelievable, but it’s been one year. ONE year since I hit “publish” on my first ever post. What an amazing and eventful journey it has been so far – all the projects, opportunities and collaborations that I’ve had, all the people that I’ve met, all the lessons that I’ve learned. The Estonian Bloggers Award that we won by surprise in June with my three months old blog. Yes – “we” – because this all would have never been possible without YOU my dears.

I am sincerely thankful to every single one of you who have been with me along the way.
Thank you for all the support, feedback, lessons and opportunities. I LOVE YOU. 


As a really proud mama, there’s no way I could have missed an opportunity to celebrate my baby’s first birthday. Go big or go home as they say haha. 
Location: Swissotel Tallinn. Dresscode: black & gold. Fuelled by: Embassy of Champagne.


pjimage (12)





HAPPY NEW YEAR WORLD! 2017 is the Year of Fire Rooster. MY year. And I couldn’t be more exited about it.
We welcomed the new year all-the-way-up at the highest rooftop bar in Tallinn – Horisont Restaurant & Bar. With the views all over the city, the fireworks and loads of bubbly I can’t image a more perfect way to welcome the new year. I was sincerely happy at THE moment of 00:00, and overloaded with excitement and good vibes. We sang, we danced, we had our family-special “make a wish” ritual. Just perfect.

Our evening started at A&As place. We got ready all together, took the mandatory selfies/pictures and took off to the rooftop bar. My make-up was done by one and only magic-woman Kristina Machadinho. I got my glow at the bestest TanTan studio. And my perfect-NYE-dress was from the ah-mazing DressHouse.



Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset



My January 1st turned up to be a slumber party with my second family – M&L. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been drinking so much bubbly in a row, but hey, it’s New Years (special thanks to the Embassy of Champagne + some lovely friends of mine for keeping us fuelled).
May all your dreams come true. Bring it on 2017. XX




POP UP STORE & HEALTH DAY. I haven’t posted anything about the event just yet, as I simply needed some time think it through and to realize what the hell did me and Liisa do. How did we end up doing this? How did we manage to do this? How crazy can you be to follow your random thoughts/ideas and simply make things happen?

What’s the story behind the Pop Up Store and why did we do it? It all started when Liisa was moving to Tallinn and both of us wanted to renew our closets and find new owners to our goodies. The question was – should we sell our stuff at random flea-markets or simply have our own? Second option was definitely more attractive, so why the hell not? We hit up our beloved boostbabes, friends & family and simply held our first Pop Up Store @ Popular. It was success. The feedback was amazing. People wanted more.

The queue = 11 45 am = 15 minutes before opening.

You get what you ask for, dears. We knew it right after the first Pop Up Store – there will be more. And there was. This time we wanted a larger venue – but not too large, as our main goal was to keep the vibe – the chill, cosy, family-like vibe that we have with our people. When we first walked in to Wabadus cafe, we knew it. It was the place.

But simply having our own flea-market wasn’t enough. We wanted more. We wanted to give and share our love to people. Both, me and Liisa are healthy lifestyle junkies, and one of our main goals in blogging/snapping/instagramming is to educate people and spread the message about how important it is to take care of your body, mind and soul. Healthy lifestyle is the key. And our Pop Up Store was the perfect place to do it in person. This is how the whole event turned into Pop Up Store and Health Day.


We didn’t know what to expect. We simply wanted to spend a nice, chill Sunday with likeminded people, who came to sell, shop, share their ideas, educate themselves and enjoy the vibe. I can’t describe how amazing did it feel to have bloggers, instagirls and beloved fashion brands willing to participate at the Pop Up. I can’t describe how amazing did it feel to have our favourite health brands, nutritionist and trainer participating at the Health Day. I can’t describe how amazing did it feel to see so many faces queuing up at our event before the doors were even open.  You guys made our day. We wanted to share our love, but you loaded us with your love instead. 


Nutritionist Kadri Mootse & BoostBabe Fiini


Merilin Taimre aka Paljas Porgand


Blogger Ketter Michelle – welcome to the fam babe.

pjimage (1)



pjimage (2)

Gals gals gals & a dog <3

Optimized-DSC_3353 (1)


pjimage (3)

Left: Kadri Right: kõige armsam ja siiram inimene Maria Prangel. Thank you for all the support, we love you!


This man ain’t no need no introduction. Thanks for coming by, Martti;)



pjimage (4)


The loveliest woman behind our facourite brand Katvos – Kätlin Võsu.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I couldn’t be happier to have our Boost Yourself family by my side. The guys, the babes – the support that we have, the way we boost each other, both – physically and mentally (motivation, inspiration, pushing each other forward). It’s so special, and I couldn’t be happier to have these people in my life. Thank you.

pjimage (5)


Beyond Beyond boys. I’ve met the guys before and they are the nicest, most talented young men. It was my first time hearing them perform live. I knew they were good, but I had no idea they were this good. No wonder there are thousands of girls going crazy about the guys. With their acoustic live, Beyond Beyond was perfect fit to our event and the vibe. Even I ended up singing and dancing along at the window table haha.

pjimage (6)

Optimized-DSC_3312 (1)

And this is how happy we were throughout the day (and still). We are sincerely thankful to each and everyone of you for your support throughout the journey. We are now proud mamas of our Pop Up Store baby, which grew from mini-flea to something big and truly amazing within just two months.
There will be more. Thank you.

PHOTOS by one and only Paul Meiesaar – perfectly captured emotions and the vibe. Thank you
SPECIAL THANKS Wabadus Cafe – Boost Yourself Family – Meisi Volt 

FULL GALLERIES Paul MeiesaarElu24 by Postimees 

We talk about Pop Up, jealousy, Estonian bloggers scene & many more.




Ma olen lihtsalt super mega excited, sest see siin on minu esimene vlogi eveeer. Enne Weekendile minekut mõtlesin, et ei ükski pilt, instagrami video ega snapchat story ei anna edasi seda unustamatut festivali emotsiooni nii hästi, kui üks korralik video. Nii et there you go, tsekkige minu esimest vlogi ja andke kindlasti teada, mis arvate ja kas peaks midagi sarnast ka tulevikus tegema. BOOM.


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