Hey dears. Ever since I started blogging and thanks to my numerous collaborations with sports brands, I’ve learned a lot about how important it is to choose your sports attire not just by the looks. Each and every brand has it’s lines and sub-lines, which specialise in specific areas and have their unique technologies to boost your performance and comfort.

For example, Adidas has it’s Sports line + other brands like Originals and Stella McCartney. Originals has always been my biggest favourite thanks to it’s amazing design and incredible comfort/quality of the products… or maybe cause I’m Russian haha #tripoloski. You can see me wearing head-to-toe Adidas on my lazy days, but also on a Monday to work and meetings.



When it comes to shoes, I’ve never really paid attention to anything but design, up until I got my first ever Adidas Ultra Boost sneaks. No joke. Being most technically-advanced Adidas shoe ever made just for women, the Ultra Boost are literally THE best and THE comfiest sneaks I’ve ever worn. You got to try them on to know what it actually feels like to work out/walk around with these. They boost your every move. Literally. 

Here are some backstage shots and final photos from our photoshoot for #UltraBoostX campaign. And oh I’m so in love with the extra light body-toning leggings and the cut-out top too.

pjimage (10)


pjimage (11)


All the ladies. Make sure to pop by Adidas store. Try on the shoe (and other stuff too). Fall in love.
Oh and we only have three months left to get in shape for summer. The pressure is real. XX

#UltraBOOSTX #GreaterEveryRun #adidaseesti


  1. Mind huvitab miks Sa NIKE-ga koostöö lõpetasid ja kas see tõesti käib nii kergelt, et üks hetk promod üht brändi ja järgmine hetk juba selle konkurenti? Kas sellised asjad lepingus ei olegi kirjas, et teatud aja peale lepingu lõppemist ei või konkurendile reklaaminäoks olla? Väikene nõuanne Sulle – see kõik jätab väga ebaprofessionaalse mulje ning minul, kui potentsiaalsel koostööpartneril, kaob igasugune soov Sinuga koostööd teha just nimelt sellise ebalojaalse käitmuse pärast.

    • Inna

      April 4, 2017 at 1:02 pm

      Tere, Merlin. Tänud kommentaari eest. Nike puhul oli tegu one-time projektiga We Run Tallinna raames ning omavahelist lepingut meil ei olnud. Kui soovid minu koostööde osas täpsemat insighti saada, siis vastan meeleldi Sinu küsimustele e-maili teel või kohtumisel. Inna.

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