Basics? Inna Kovaljova. 23. Russian from Estonia.

Education? Work? Business Management degree at the University of Nottingham. Working in social media and marketing.

Love? It all depends on the  current mood haha. But my happypills are:

1) Good materialistic stuff aka clothes/bags/shoes. Yes, they do make me happy. No, I am not a shopaholic and I don’t have boxes of clothes at the bottom of my closet that have never seen the light of day. I just love to dress well, and it makes me feel good even in the most depressing situation. Stressed, depressed but well dressed, remember?

2) Good music is everything. For reals. I breathe and live with my earphones/speakers on. Anything from mellow alternative vibes, hiphop/RnB, to the most intense EDM accompany me throughout the day/week/life.

3) Good people, food and places are everything. Olivia Palermo pretty much sums up it all: